Risk Assessment, Mitigation & Monitoring

BlockRe has the leading third party risk assessment tool for cryptoasset storage and blockchain systems in the world and will prepare a thorough review of your current or proposed processes, a threat assessment of security weaknesses that can be addressed through risk mitigation. BlockRe will also setup ongoing risk monitoring programs including threat Intelligence and analysisloss prevention, and incident tracking.

Technology Diligence

BlockRe can assist with selectionintegrationconfigurationon-boardingtrainingtechnical due-diligence and support to reduce risks associated with cryptoasset and blockchain operations.

Compliance & Audit

BlockRe provides comprehensive audit of cryptoasset/blockchain related operations, reporting, and KYC/AML compliance, including SOC 1/SOC 2 audits.  BlockRe also creates  comprehensive programs around regulatory compliance, KYC/AML, and ongoing audits.

Incident Response, Investigations & Recovery

In the event of a loss event or other incident BlockRe will provide end-to-end incident management and response including investigationsrestoration of operationsroot-cause and forensic analysis, and asset recovery to help restore your operations with minimal disruption to you and your clients.

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